RMA Request Form

The RMA procedure has to be done when a customer wants to send back a dispenser to BRITA Italia Manufacturing (B.I.M.) because a fault or a non-conformity was found.

RMA Request

Only dealers/distributors must follow this procedure.
End customers, for assistance, should contact the distributors / dealers from whom they purchased the product. BRITA Italia Manufacturing (B.I.M.) does not handle the RMA procedure directly to the end customer.




There are two different RMA forms:
  • RMA_dispensers: to use when the customer wants to ship a complete dispenser to repair
  • RMA_components: to use when the customer is sending back faulty components / parts to replace.


The RMA request form has to be sent following this procedure:
  • fill in the RMA form paying attention to use the appropriate one (dispensers or components). Both forms are available to download on our web site.

To complete the form please read the following paragraph.
  • send the complete form, always in Excel format, to
  • wait for B.I.M.’ s reply: a PDF copy will be sent to your mailbox. In this document RMA Number and RMA Date (date of issuance of the RMA) will be specified
  • pack with due care the material to be send to BRITA. For dispenser, whenever possible, the original packaging must be used. Display a printed copy of the PDF on the packaging of the goods
  • ship the goods to “BRITA ITALIA MANUFACTURING S.R.L." – Via Carducci, 22, 21010 Arsago Seprio (Va)”
  • goods received by B.I.M. without the RMA form (RMA not required or RMA form not displayed), will be refused and send back at customer’s charge.


There are two different RMA forms:
  • RMA_dispensers: to use when the customer wants to ship a complete dispenser to repair
  • RMA_components: to use when the customer is sending back faulty components / parts to replace.

It has to be used if the parts are either to repair a dispenser or to replace parts bought as spare parts.
Both forms have a common part that is related to the data of who is sending the RMA request:
  • applicant: who makes the request to BRITA Italia Manufacturing (B.I.M.) Please specify name, address, phone number, e-mail address and the name of the person since B.I.M.’s technician may need to contact the relevant person in order to have information on the RMA request.
  • address: address where the goods have to be shipped after the technical intervention by B.I.M. Specify only if it is different from the Applicant.
  • possible short notes
The central part of the two forms is slightly different.
The RMA_dispensers form includes five lines, so it can be used for a maximum of 5 dispensers. For each line have to be indicated the following information:
  • S/N (serial number): it is on the label placed on the back of the dispenser (see picture here below)
  • fault description: brief, but clear, description of the fault identified
The RMA_components form includes five lines. Each lines contain the following fields:
  • S/N or Invoice Nr: if the component was installed in a dispenser, please specify the S/N. If has been purchased as spare part, please specify Nr. and Date of the purchasing invoice.
  • quantity: if it has to be indicated only one S/N, with a specific fault, the quantity has to be 1. If there is the need to send more components (of the same type) with the same defect, it can be indicated a bigger quantity.
  • fault description: here it has to be indicated the code and description of the component and the fault found (ex: “Sorgente model pump blocked”; or “Main board 354.C, temperature probe connection not working”)


  • shipping freight for sending the goods in BRITA Italia Manufacturing (B.I.M.) are at customer’s charge. Shipping freight for sending back, the goods, from B.I.M. to the customer are at B.I.M.’s charge, if the goods are under warranty. On the contrary are at customer’s charge.
  • the RMA request form has a 30 days validity. If the goods are not shipped to B.I.M. within this time, the authorization is not valid anymore: customer must ask a new one.
  • in case the dispenser sent is out of warranty, B.I.M. will take care of contacting the customer in order to give a quote to repair it. If the quote is not accepted, B.I.M. will charge the customer of the cost related to the fault check and, eventually, shipping.
  • if the components sent back are not under warranty, those will be returned (not fixed) at customer’s charge.
BRITA Italia Manufacturing grants a 24 months warranty starting on the purchasing date of the dispensers or components.
In any case, the acknowledgment of warranty depends also on other conditions like for example:
  • use of the product like described in the instruction manual
  • shipment to B.I.M. of the goods under RMA with an adequate packaging able to grant protection.
  • B.I.M. reserves the right to evaluate the warranty conditions and to communicate to the customer when an article cannot be considered under warranty (dispensers or components).
  • dispensers without an S/N during the RMA request, or with missing rear label (see picture here below), will be considered out of warranty.